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Christy Lee told the cameraman/director of this scene that she liked being fucked very hard. When he asked her what her favorite sex position was, she said, "Any position where the guy can really bury his cock so I can feel his balls slapping me." A Suzanne Somers-lookalike with much bigger tits, Christy only wanted to do solos at first. I met her when she came in for solo stills and I thought she was hot. The photographer had Christy use a cock-shaped dildo, and he shot her in a way that looked like she was with a real cock, especially in the sucking part. Christy phoned us over a year later when she made her decision to have sex on-camera. Christy was a 34-year-old Palm Beach, Florida escort when she was paired with Talon for this scene. Talon is the brother of TT Boy, a porn stud who became a producer. They both fuck women like jackhammer operators. Christy didn't know what hit her. Christy talked a lot in her scenes, and that jacked up the heat levels because, hey, we're guys and we like to hear girls getting nasty in bed. After all, porn is not supposed to be everyday, real-life sex. It's supposed to be raunchy and wild. Girls with dirty mouths are always more exciting than a chick silently getting the cock until the dude expels his skeet. This scene tapped into a popular porn fantasy theme: the doctor and the sexy patient. Talon is a gynecologist and Christy is his patient. She's a rude bitch with a fresh mouth. She taunts Talon for no reason, humiliates him and brags about her young boyfriend and his big dick. This becomes a grudge fuck when Talon gets his chance. It's odd but true that people who pretend to dislike each other, even in a porn video, fuck hotter than a couple that likes each other. As part of his exam, Talon uses a speculum to open Christy's pussy lips. Gyno tools used to be a big fad in porn from 1998 until the mid-00s. Talon then licks Christy's pussy hole. That's something a lot of newer American porn actors don't do these days. Talon takes Christy to an apartment after the gyno and power-fucks her. He gives her a pile driver (upside down, legs in the air, squatting over her and drilling into her pussy), and he is merciless. It's surprising Christy was able to walk a straight line after that pounding. I think Christy is still active, but we haven't heard from her in a long time. If she's kept in shape, she'd be great for 40Something. JMac or Carlos Rios would do a good job on her.