Jenna Valentine on Grand Bahama Island

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Here's a scene that was shot on Grand Bahama Island in 2010. Jenna Valentine, an H-cup cutie from Southern California, a girl with a Valley Girl voice but not the attitude, was like a kid in a candy store on that shoot. Jenna loves girls--big-titted girls--and her housemates on that trip were among the bustiest naturals in the world: Arianna Sinn, Taylor Steele, Natalie Fiore and Karla James. Jenna still keeps in touch with many of them, especially Arianna. Elliot James once wrote, "Jenna should get her own reality TV show. She's got a wickedly wry sense of humor. If she met a guy she was attracted to, the first thing she would ask him is if he likes cats. If she won a million dollars, she'd want a dream vacation to Tokyo and surround herself with Hello Kitties. Her handle on Twitter is 'All of the feelings.' There is reason to believe she watches Japanese cat videos on YouTube. All of the feelings? "They're so heavy!" Jenna told me. "They're full of feelings. I want to weigh them but I think you need a vegetable scale because you can't put them on a regular scale. It doesn't work. I don't want them to grow any more. This is good enough." Hey, Jenna was always good enough for me. She's one of my favorite girls to talk to, and not just because she has H-cup naturals. She's fun. She's funny. She's unusual. We recently spent a good amount of time discussing why guys send girls pictures of their dicks. To me, this is ridiculous. Jenna agrees that it's ridiculous. Send a dick pic to Jenna and you're basically asking to be mocked all over the Internet. She told me about a guy she had been dating. Emphasis on had. She stopped dating him because he sent her a dick pic. If he hadn't, he might've gotten into her pants. So, dick pics don't make her horny. What makes her horny? "A sense of humor or you look like Rob Zombie," she said. Hey, is that really so hard?