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播放次数: 2011
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What's in your fantasy wallet? Is your dream to have a stacked wife, sporting big 38H tits, at home baking and cooking away so she can serve you a meal fit for a king when you get home? Nikki Smith has the right kind of lovin' and the right kind of busty curves for an after-work refreshment of the sexual kind. Nikki especially likes giving blow jobs and explains why. "I like to please," Nikki said. "Me knowing that I'm good at blow jobs, and being able to look up and see the look on his face and knowing it's driving him crazy because he can't fuck me yet 'cause I'm still sucking his dick--even though I'm a little bit more on the submissive side--just having that control for that little bit of time, I love it. If I really want to suck a guy's dick, and he's not doing anything about it, eventually I will rip his pants off and take control. "I prefer to swallow. However, I believe that the best way to end a blow job is however the man wants it, whether his cum is swallowed, spit, shot all over my tits or a nice, hot facial that drips off my face and down my big boobs." Nikki's mother is also a model who loves to suck cock and eat cum after her face is creamed. Her name is Barbi Banks, and she's been showcased in 40Something magazine and several DVDs. High sex drives must run in this family.