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This scene of Valory Irene, a <i>SCORE</i> Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year, was shot in 2010 Portugal during the Big Boob Finishing School project. Valory is so sweet, so innocent. I mean, when this was taken, she was living at home in the Ukraine and cooking for her mother and brother. She considered herself shy and inhibited. And here she is wearing an old-school stripper's outfit with tassles on her nipples and lingerie. It's like something you'd pick out in a raunchy sex shop. I got to meet Valory for the first time this past spring. She recently moved from the Ukraine to South Florida. Good move. The Ukraine is a dangerous place. It's no place for pretty girls, especially pretty girls with big, naturals tits. Especially Valory, who has one of the best bodies I've ever seen. I gotta tell you, a lot of super-hot girls have passed through <i>SCORE</i> headquarters in Miami, but when Valory walked through the main office, jaws dropped and heads turned. She was wearing shorts and a tight T-shirt. The T-shirt was tight because her tits are so huge. Actually, they've gotten bigger, something you can see for yourself next month at <i>SCORELAND</i>. Valory is in the United States because she hopes to pursue her Master's degree in finance. She's a very smart girl. She speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and French. She's worldly, too. I asked her about the girls her age she's met in Florida. "They are like little children," she said. That's because they haven't lived the rigorous life Valory lived in the Ukraine. But now she's in the U.S., safe and sound. Valory Irene, welcome to America.