Backseat Driver

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The American auto industry should watch this video and learn how to make better car commercials. This is the kind of backseat driving a man loves. Isis Haze has big natural tits so she needs a lot of room to release those puppies from the restraints of her red crop-top. Isis may set a speed record for a girl getting topless in a moving vehicle. "I love your car!" Isis exclaims as she inserts a finger in her honey-hole. "The bumpy ride makes it so much better!" An exotic dancer, Isis was discovered by a <i>SCORE</i> fan and Boob Cruiser named Ricky Rich. Ricky takes photos of strippers at different clubs and shows and when he saw house-dancer Isis at Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin, he shot some snaps and sent them to the <i>SCORE</i> studio staff. These days, Isis travels to different clubs as a feature dancer and she attends Nudes-A-Poppin' in Rosewood, Indiana. There aren't many big boobed strippers left on the circuit these days since the golden age of the 90s and early '00's so Isis is a rarity and has been racking up many dancer awards. She usually posts her schedule on her Facebook page. Isis was interviewed by Christy Marks when their paths crossed at <i>SCORE</i>. Isis told Christy what the audience likes to see. "Their favorite trick is when I lick both my nipples. And then I lay two dollar bills down and pick them up with my titties. Guys definitely like that."