Beverly's ginormous gazongas

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I'm going to open by reprising one of Beverly's quotes from a previous SCORELAND2 appearance. She said, "By the time I was in high school, I couldn't take gym because my boobs were too big, so there was a time when I hated my big boobs. Because I had strict parents and because of my boobs, they wouldn't let me go anywhere. I couldn't have boyfriends. I couldn't wear the cute, little tank tops that all my friends could. I couldn't find a swimsuit that fit. I couldn't find a dress for prom. But now, I buy custom bras and custom dresses. Now I have a better idea of how to dress. I've learned to embrace my curves instead of trying to hide them all the time." I'd like to discuss this. Yes, I am a major boob hound. I'd better be. I'm the editor of <i>SCORE</i> magazine. But I have to admit: If I had a daughter and she were chesty, I'd treat her the same way Beverly got treated by her parents. Gentlemen, you can jack all you want, but you're not jacking to my daughter. Then again, we're jacking to Beverly, and she's someone's daughter. This is another version of N.I.M.B.Y. (Not In My Backyard, as the late, great advice columnist Ann Landers called it). The porn version is Y.C.N.J.T.M.D.I.M.B.Y. (You Can Not Jack To My Daughter In My Backyard). I must admit, I get off on the idea of these girls being someone's daughter or sister (or wife). This scene opens with Beverly wearing the type of dress her parents never would've let her wear. It's outrageously tight and short. Her tits look huge. Hey, her tits always look huge. She bounces her tits. Some dude, who's not her boyfriend, plays with her tits. Then she sucks his cock. Then she fucks him. Beverly's parents would not approve of this. Good. She's not doing it for them anyway. Beverly was 20 years old and living in California when she came to us. She told us she enjoys traveling, taking photos, dancing and playing Twister. She also told us she used to be a cheerleader, and I'm not sure how she got that activity past her strict parents. Gentlemen, keep too tight a leash on your busty daughters and they will go on to become porn stars. That's the natural order of things.