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This is Kitana Flores' first-ever anal scene. Kitana came to our studio twice in 2010 and fucked both times but never took it up the ass. That's what I call a waste of talent. This Latina beauty has beautifully shaped natural tits and an outstanding booty. Not fucking that ass is a crime against femininity. But in 2012, Kitana decided to get ass-fucked on-camera. Of this historic event, I wrote, "This is a major event because when I think about girls who I want to see getting ass-fucked, Kitana is high on my list. I think there are two criteria for a girl to make that list: 1.) She has to have a nice ass. 2.) She has to have a nice asshole. Kitana scores on both counts." I once poured oil into that asshole, but I think I've already told that story. Hey, I'm sorry. It's something I'm very proud of. How many guys have poured oil into Kitana Flores' ass? Kitana is from Miami. She's sexy and sultry. But she's also modest. "I don't like to brag about my body or think I'm all that," says Kitana. "I'd rather people look inside at my personality than the physical because the physical can go in a minute." Yeah, I don't think Kitana's physical side is deteriorating any time soon "Every guy loves doggie style," Kitana said. "You get the right position you get to see it [the ass], you can also pull [the girl's hair]. So I think that would be the best position for anal." That and several others. WARNING: Kitana is a bit loud when she's fucking, so if you're not the only person in your house or apartment when you watch this, you might want to turn the sound down. Unless the other person in the house is your wife or girlfriend. Then she should watch this. A woman could learn a few things from Kitana.