Wrapped in plastic

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How many of you have wrapped a busty girl in plastic cling film? I sure haven't. Apparently, it's a bondage and discipline game as well as an activity from the '90s TV show Twin Peaks. Daphne Rosen seems to have had this done before, but Daphne has done everything. After spinning slowly around naked in high heels so Tony Rubino can wrap her up, Daphne has a transparent dress. Now that their wrapping game has wrapped, we can get to the breast play: fucking Daphne's tits as she kneels on the floor and oiling Daphne's mega-tits. With the private boob party games wrapped, Daphne shifts into high sex slut gear and becomes a filthy-talking, nasty cock-whore. Even though Daphne is an anal-sex star, her brown-eye is very tight. Tony has to shoehorn his schvanz into her tush. "A tight-ass fucking hole," Daphne calls it as Tony sticks his cock up her ass while she faps her clit and pussy, demanding he stick "every fucking inch" in her ass. Daphne retired from active porn life a few years ago. The last I knew, she'd become a photographer herself, moving to Seattle after a long time in Los Angeles. The past year, Daphne has really been off the grid, which is a downer for me. She was one smoking hot girl.