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Cynthia Flowers was a girl we should have shot more fuck scenes of but scheduling was tight because our photographer Jose was on a road trip and kept moving. That week he filmed Taylor Steele and Taylor Stevens in Toronto then flew to Prague to meet Romanian royalty Arianna Sinn for the first time. After Arianna, they were supposed to meet Cynthia Flowers, a Hungarian, and another busty girl. Cynthia showed up but the other girl flaked. Her loss. When Jose came home and recovered, I asked him about the trip and Cynthia. Photographers are a great source of details since they spend the most time with the models. Cynthia only speaks Hungarian. Jose speaks English and Spanish. They had no access to a Hungarian translator. It didn't matter. Everything went according to plan. "When she showed up at our location, it was like she was selling her ass, she was dressed so slutty,' Jose said. "The cab driver was hitting on her, trying to pick her up. The second I saw her, I thought, 'This girl must really love to fuck.'" "I didn't have to direct her. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. It was like she knew exactly how to turn men on and had been doing it for years."