Lilith: Private Session

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Voluptuously stacked Lilith was referred to <i>SCORE</i> by an exotic dancer and <i>SCORE</i> Girl named Exotica. Today, Exotica is a hardbody fitness trainer. I didn't recognize her when I saw some recent photos. She looks nothing at all like she did when she modeled here. Exotica met housedancer Lilith when Exotica was featuring at a club in St. Louis. I remember Lilith's first visit to <i>SCORE</i>, the first of several photo shoots. This was part of her first video, Lilith's Private Session. It was never released on DVD. This was Lilith's first time on-camera. She used two toys at the same time, one for her pussy and one for her butt. She wasn't an uptight midwestern chick at all. Seeing her toy her butthole and, more importantly, enjoying it to O-time, bumped her up in my eyes. She did a girl-girl with Autumn-Jade and, five months later, some boy-girls. She was sweet and so girl-next-door that if you were to meet her somewhere, you'd never guess that she was an adult model and stripper. Lilith's interview was unusual because it was conducted by three editors: Dave, myself and Joe Monks, V-mag's editor at the time. It felt like a roundtable discussion. All that was missing was a concession stand in the conference room. <i>SCORE</i>: Have you ever walked down the street and caused a traffic accident? <b>Lilith: Not that I know of! </b> <i>SCORE</i>: Were your breasts large in high school? <b>Lilith: Yes, I was a C-cup by third or fourth grade.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: In third grade? When did you reach D-cup status? <b>Lilith: I can't remember. I just know that they've always been very big.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Did any of your male teachers react to your boobs? <b>Lilith: I never had many male teachers, just women. I was in my freshman year of high school when the boys began to pay attention to my chest.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: What's your own favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed? <b>Lilith: Regular sex. And I like titty fucking.That's what you guys call it, right?</b> <i>SCORE</i>: That's what we call it. Do you like a lot of that? <b>Lilith: Yeah, I do. It turns me on to watch it more than anything.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Are you very vocal when a guy fucks your tits? <b>Lilith: Sometimes I urge him to do it. "Fuck my tits. Fuck them," I'll say.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Is it your date's idea to do it or do you want to do it? <b>Liltih: It's both.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: What satisfies you best? <b>Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just fuck. </b>