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"I love R&B music," Janet Jade once told us. "I love to dance to R&B. Shake my titties." Janet is from Detroit, Michigan. When this scene opens, her tits are pouring out of a very low-cut dress. Her nipples are almost completely exposed. And yet, Janet is so relaxed, so comfortable, as if sitting around and having a conversation with her tits out is the most normal thing in the world. She's so happy, so smiley. She's exactly the kind of girl you'd bring home to meet the parents, but keep an eye on Pops. And Mom doesn't need to know that Janet likes to fuck her pussy with dildos on-camera. Now, I think I've mentioned that Janet is one of my favorites. She's pretty, personable and she has DDD-cup naturals. I don't just think she's one of the Top 20 naturals ever. I think she belongs in the Top 10, maybe the Top Five. I can't tell you how many times I tried to convince her to move from Detroit to Miami, where she could keep her tits out 365 days a year. "I love the warm weather, but I'm from Detroit where it's very cold, and I don't like that. The warm weather is better. I get to wear less clothes, too, which is good. I don't like covering up my body so much." But she didn't move. Family and all that. You have to respect that. Okay, I respect Janet's tits and ass. The rest is just sucking up.