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Angel Gee was a full-time exotic dancer, originally from New Hampshire. She started dancing at the Lion's Den in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She moved to Ten's Show Club and performed there for nearly five years. Angel had never posed for a men's magazine before she came to us. On her second visit to our studio, she went hardcore and did a very hot foursome with Daphne Rosen and two studs in Boob Science. Long-experienced, Daphne was very helpful to Angel, a rookie at hardcore but not at sex. Later on, I interviewed her at home by telephone, which I usually don't like to do. Topless and naked (preferable) video interviews are much better. The complete text of the interview is published at <i>SCORELAND</i>. We talked about sex a lot. She called herself a "toy fanatic" and said she loved cock and tongue. "I heard about <i>SCORE</i> a long time ago from a photographer I used to know, and he tried to get me into the magazine," Angel said. "But I guess my boobs weren't big enough when he sent them in, so then I got bigger and I found <i>SCORE</i> again on a Craigslist ad." Angel was right. I saw those shots, and while she was sexy and had a shapely body, her tits were just not big enough. Then Angel supersized her tits to 42 inches and the situation changed radically. Angel always danced nude in her clubs, so I asked her about that. I thought she would be an "in your face," dancer and I was right. "My dancing is very sexual. Teasing. Slow and sexy. I like the guys to be right there. My last song is where I'd take my thong off, so I'd lay right down on the stage in front of them as if they were taking them off me. And I'd be laying there on the stage, and my pussy would be right there in their faces." Angel was the covergirl of the April 2009 <i>SCORE</i>. I know she was excited and proud about that. She was always very interested to know when her solos and hardcore scenes would be published. Angel stopped modeling in 2011. She never modeled anywhere else. Denise Derringer, Kelly Christiansen and Sabrina Linn followed that same path. I suppose once Angel had been to the mountaintop, nothing else looked appealing.