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Pretty redhead Charley Green was invited to join the cast of Leanne's Stacked Summer with Leanne Crow, Michelle Bond and other great <i>SCORE</i> Girls on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. A Brit, Charley has nice tits and an excellent body. She had the smallest breasts of that group and, at the time, was basically a "glamour" nude model, meaning she didn't show her pussy off or spread her pink. Leanne doesn't show her pussy either but she's got gigantic tits. Said Charley in an interview "I love to wear revealing clothes. I love attention. Modeling comes very naturally to me because I want guys to admire my body. Modeling is also my hobby, career and passion. My boobs need to be on show with tight clothes to show off my ass and legs too." Last year, Charley approached <i>SCORE</i> about modeling again. She'd ramped up the heat levels and was plugging herself with toys. Going from zero to sixty was a surprise, yet it wasn't since so many girls change their minds and start doing masturbation and hardcore videos. Unfortunately, we didn't have any available photographers in the UK at the time of Charley's change of heart.