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Supposedly, Japanese women don't have big tits. Supposedly. Of course, girls like Hitomi and many others are constantly disproving that myth with their huge naturals. Now, it's probably true that, as a whole, Japanese women are less busty they women from the West. But here's another girl, Ria Sakuragi, who came to <i>SCORE</i> in 2012 to help disprove the rule. "There are more big-boobed girls in Japan than westerners realize," Ria said through a translator. "I know many more. Hitomi is my friend and I saw her <i>SCORE</i> pictures. I am happy to be in <i>SCORE</i>, too, my first western magazine." Ria is very well-known in Japan. She was 22 when she came to us, having been shot by one of our contributing photographers in Japan. Her hobbies are shopping, going to spas and watching TV. She spends a lot of time on her smartphone. Welcome to SCORELAND2, Ria.