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Born in Tennessee, Stephanie Stalls lives in Kentucky and can often be seen shaking her big tits and grinding her hips on-stage at Jill's club in Wheeling, West Virginia. This was Stephanie's first XXX scene with cock. "This time I'm back at <i>SCORE</i>, and it's been amazing because I got to do something I haven't done before, which is have sex on-camera" Stephanie said about this video. I remember it took a while to arrange this hardcore shoot, but it worked out in the end. Not Stephanie's rear-end. That would take another visit five months later. Enzo has a long dick, but Stephanie handled it easily. "I had the mind of a porn star before I became a porn star," she said. Stephanie could be a kissin' cousin of Angel Gee. Even their measurements are almost identical. I would have liked to see the two of them take on one guy. A big-bust feature dancer is an endangered species on the strip club circuit these days. Once, there were dozens of them criss-crossing North America. No one has emerged to replace them, so Stephanie is one of the few huge-chested strippers in America. I urge you to go see her shows. "I'm really aggressive with my dances, and the guys love it," Stephanie said. "Every so often, I'll go a little slow and be sensual, but I like being aggressive. I'm the same way in sex, although making a video with a stranger is a lot different than having sex in your home." She loves male attention. "I want to be looked at! I'm used to being looked at all the time. I mean, I'm in <i>SCORE</i> because I want to be looked at. I read all the comments about me. They make me feel good."