Summer and the overmatched sweater

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Summer Sinn, the shyest porn star you'll ever meet, uses her JJ-cup funbags to make a mockery of a coral sweater in this solo scene. It was unusual to see Summer just modeling her tits and pussy and not sucking and fucking porn cock, and that makes this scene special. Sometimes, you need to have the girls to yourself. Summer is from Boston, Massachusetts, and we talked about that when I interviewed her in 2005. <i>SCORE</i>: Now, Boston's a conservative city, isn't it? <b>Summer: Yes, very. But I can't put down Boston. I love it.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: And you have a great Boston accent. Of course, Boston's cold. <b>Summer: And in the winter, you have to wear lots of clothes. And there aren't many strip clubs. Just two.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Boston's maybe the worst strip-club town in America. Do you dance? <b>Summer: I dance at parties. Bachelor parties. And I danced at Fantasy Theater in Boston for three years.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Now, let's say you were out for a walk down, let's say, Commonwealth Avenue. That's a main street in Boston, right? <b>Summer: The main street.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: If we were to see you walking down Commonwealth Avenue in July, what would you be wearing? <b>Summer: A tube top. And I'd get a lot of stares. Some yelling, but mostly stares. When I walk down the street in a tube top, people talk. They mostly whisper, but I don't pay attention.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: Do you like being the center of attention? <b>Summer: Sure! I wouldn't have gotten these if I didn't like attention.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: But there's such a thing as too much attention, isn't there? <b>Summer: Sometimes. When I don't want attention, I'll wear baggy shirts, but I'll still get attention. There's no hiding my boobs.</b> <i>SCORE</i>: So what else would you be wearing on this summer day? <b>Summer: Little shorts, maybe. A little skirt. Tube tops are my favorite with little shorts.</b> Picture that.