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Ava Lustra was a 24-year-old stripper and former competitive swimmer from Pennsylvania when she debuted in the May 1995 <i>SCORE</i>. Her pretty looks, more than her breast size, got Ava the cover of this edition. Her second cover shot came quickly. She shared the cover of the August 1995 issue with another blonde. Against a pure black background, she straddled Kayla Kupcakes. Inside, they went at it nipple-to-nipple, clit-to-clit in a nine-page spread. Girl-girls were big in the '90s. The viewer could visualize himself watching two hot girls get it on and then imagine himself fucking the two of them after they called him over. If the girls are looking at the camera with "come here" eyes, so much the better. One of Ava's fantasies that she described in her bio was being watched by a guy while she masturbated. "A man is outside the bedroom door, his pants down and stroking a major boner. He watches me work my pussy until I cum in one of the longest, most-intense orgasms of my life. While I'm screaming in ecstasy, he charges into the bedroom while I'm cumming, rips my hands away and rams his big, thick, hard cock into my pussy, making me cum even harder." If Ava's masturbation video resembles her fantasy, then the guy in the doorway would have burst in after two minutes. I met Ava once at an adult website convention called Interactive 2000 (later called Internext), held at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas. Photos did not do Ava justice. I took a few snaps and ran one in my column for the August 2000 issue of <i>SCORE</i>. Ava was not dressed to show off her cleavage but to show her sexy legs. The bright, blond hair of her <i>SCORE</i> shoots was darker. Ava's shapely legs and feet really were her best assets, so she said she was doing more leg shoots. No editors, photographers or club owners I know have a clue what Ava's doing these days, 15 years later. I doubt she's still stripping. The way my brain operates, nursing or massage therapy would be my fantasy guesses.