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Beautiful. Busty. Sexy. Bootytastic. 42J-cupper Sadie Berry from Detroit, Michigan is an accountant by profession but she accounts for much more than crunching numbers. Her figures add up just fine. No matter how many times you add or subtract it, she equals wholesome yet hot. Sadie said she likes dark-skinned guys with accents and big cocks. In this video She's A Berry Sexy Girl, Sadie shows how hot an accountant can really get. The 42J-cupper says her hobby is sex. Seeing Sadie polishing hard wood is believing. There's no question that there's no shortage of willing partners for Sadie to practice that sex hobby with. We asked Sadie if she is into any fetishes or kinky private games. She says she likes food play with whipped cream and chocolate. A sexy girl to spend a sundae with. We wonder what she's doing these days.