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What we have here at XL Girls is the first meeting of two "Ultra-Sexuals." Marilyn Mayson and JMac meet and have awesomely epic sex for the first time since Marilyn began filming at XL Girls. This is like Superman and Wonder Woman fucking. Marilyn has a horny body and a dirty mind and mouth. In this scene she often turns to the camera, her wide, bright eyes glowing, and says something hot and nasty with a smile while JMac's drilling into her pussy. It makes their carnal coupling even wilder and raunchier and it drives JMac into beast mode. He even carry-fucks her and bounces her on his pole. After a strenuous fuck in many positions, including the most acrobatic of them all, the piledriver, Marilyn gets a nut on her big tits and on her outstretched tongue. "I usually make a guy cum in my pussy, but I like taking cum on my face and on my titties, too," said Marilyn. "If there's enough cum, I'll get it everywhere." Everyone wins.